By Robert Kumwenda

Some of the people that have just joined the opposition Umodzi Party (UP) in Machinjiri have described Professor John Chisi as the right person for the leadership of this country.

They said that the UP leader represents a new vision for the country and is the king of the leader they have been looking for so long.

One of the people who have just joined UP Thoko Lawson, a resident of Machinjiri said Chisi is the right person to take the leadership of this country because he is not connected to the challenges the country is facing in any way.

He said other politicians just want to take advantage of what is happening as the country is going towards 2019 polls because some of them have also made the country to be where it is now.

Aston Kimu, also from Machinjiri said most of the politicians who are making noise now have failed Malawians.

He said the country need someone who can turn around the economy and improve the livelihoods of ordinary Malawians and that person is none other than the UP leader.

“The country requires a person who has what it takes to be a leader, the UP leader has those qualities looking at his background and experience,” he said.

Some politicians are good at promising things but when it comes to implementation they do nothing as we have seen in the past, the UP leader has done a number of development projects in the country which show that he can do great things for the country if elected to be a leader,” he said.

Kennedy Wadisoni also share the same views saying if there is the area where the youth have been neglected for so long is Machinjiri. He said Professor John Chisi is promoting youth empowerment and has already started which shows that he is really a person who has a new vision not only for the youth but everyone.

He said it is high time we change our mindset and start new way of thinking if the country is to move forward.

So does Gift Maonesa who also describe Chisi as a very intelligent man and a person who has vast experience in all sectors of development because he has worked with people of different expertise in their professionals here and abroad.

He said, “he has the welfare of people at heart. This is evidenced in a number people he is assisting just to mention a few, and that is the reason why i decided to follow him.”


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