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Should State house employees pay vehicle parking tax in Malawi towns?

By Our Correspondent

Traffic wardens in the city of Blantyre are failing do collect vehicle packing fees from employees working at the state house. The state house employees have a wrong understanding about tax exemption. The law only exempts the Head of State and not his family. If the family of the Head of State is not tax exempted how could employees claim the privilege and refuse to pay motor vehicle parking fees? This is interesting as it is similar to saying state house dogs enjoy tax free status. The mind boggling question is if state house is exempted from payment of taxes how would the government raise revenue to finance the state house.? There is need to find out from the Head of State how he expects government to raise its money? From poor people who made the mistake to vote for the people at the state house? Jesus teaches his followers to do to others what they expect others to do to them. This is why in a democracy it is claimed no one is above the law. What is the logic of exempting the Head of State from the payment of taxes when te poor are paying taxes? The alternative approach should have been selective exemption not everything. This is an attempt to corruption because the Head of State would easily use the facility to benefit close relatives. The way things are it is as if citizens pay taxes to the president. The question is who is expected to direct for an overhaul of the tax benefits? The Head of state. Malawians need to vote for leaders who have moral values to remove greed from the system. The problem is that Malawians have in the past voted for immoral leaders who are greedy and cannot change bad laws so long as the laws benefit them.

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