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Mzuzu University bosses given a 10 day ultimatum to act on new salaries

Mzuzu University employees have given the college management a 10 day ultimatum to address the issue of salary increment failing which they say they will down tools.

Vice Chairperson for the Workers Union at the College Mr. Mishek Banda said among others the employees want to be formally told about the 21 percent salary which was approved by the University council.

”We have been communicating to the institution management to increase our salaries since March this year and the approved 21 percent but the college is delaying to communicate to the government to effect this pay hike,” said Mr. Banda.

On Thursday and Friday lecturers engaged the management in a series of talks on the matter.

” We were not on a sit- in and no any other service was affected at the campus,” Mr. Banda said.

He said if the employees are not communicated to or given their increment come 3 August, the employees will go on strike.

Mzuni spokesperson Mr. Yonamu Ngwira said the management has addressed the matter with the Union members.

He said the delay to effect the salary adjustment was as a result of other matters that affected the institutions budget.

“Following the discussions, we hope that the employees will resume work by this Monday,” said Mr. Ngwira.

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