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Mangochi Police impound subsidized fertilizer mixed with sand

Mangochi Police, east of Malawi have impounded a 15 ton truck owned by Simama offloading 600 (50 Kg) bags of subsidized fertilizer but mixed with sand at Katuli Admarc depot in the district.

Mangochi Police Officer In charge Senior Assistant Commissioner Ephraim Chipojola confirmed impounding the truck and arresting a driver in the process.

“When people were offloading the bags one of bags burst as it fell down. The people were surprised to see sand coming out of the bags and police reacted by arresting the driver,” said Senior Assistant Commissioner Chipojola.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Ephraim Chipojola said the fertilizer was obtained from Chirimba depot of the Smallholder Farmers Fertilizer Revolving Fund in Blantyre.

The subsidized fertilizer being supplied was manufactured by Optichem Limited.

Meanwhile, Optichem Productions Manager Mr. Samuel Synoden said as a company they do not produce fertilizer mixed with sand

“If police say the fertilizer is from Optichem, yes, the sacks are ours, but the contents are not ours.

“We believe something sinister happened along the way from Blantyre to Mangochi,” said Mr. Synoden.

Officials from Simama are yet to comment on the matter.

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