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Malawi’s high ranking officials are in Indian hemp business – says Ras Jedda I

Malawi Rasta, Jedda I, has accused government top authorities of monopolizing Indian-hemp business in the country. Jedda I said this in an interview with online media while commenting on the burning of Indian hemp in Balaka district.

Jedda I said the burning of Indian hemp in Balaka was the work of the devil.

“I must bring to your attention that Jah who is King of Kings gave us this plant. When Solomon asked for wisdom, Jah thought of something through which to impart that wisdom to him and that’s when he created weed.

“So the actions of government in destroying this priceless gift from God simply show that we are being ruled by the evil. The evil hates good things from Jah. As Rastas, we condem the burning of weed and Jah will burn them all just like they did to weed”.

Responding to question why Rastafarian community fights for legalization of the weed, Jedda I said the weed is profitable and can help to turn the country’s economy.

“You see, I can challenge you, these people know the importance of weed and most of these high ranking officials are in this business. Haven’t you ever wondered that weed is an illegal trade but yet Malawi is one of the leading exporters of ganja to Europe, America and Asia? How does that happen, I will tell you; Using their power and positions, they get thousands of bags of weed passing illegally in roadblocks and borders when a common man like you and me get our hundred bags burned just to paint a rouse picture that they are doing something on it.

“As a Rastar, I am totally against that because as it stands, only few individuals who are already rich continue to get benefits while the common man continues to strangle. This is not just Rastar’s war, we are in fact fighting for everyone. If government legalizes weed, it means a lot of people would venture into the business and export in large quantities. Mind you, one bag of fully processed high grade weed such as the one we grow in Malawi can bring about a ten tone full of drugs”, said Jedda I.

Jedda I further said it did not make sense to talk about Economic Recovery plan (ERP) without thinking of Indian hemp arguing unlike Kayerekera which benefit the foreigners and leaders, Indian hemp business can benefit all Malawians because the business can be directly handled by Malawians.

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