Malawi urban artist Piksy releases ‘Uncle Short One’ video on YouTube


Malawi’s celebrated urban musician, Piksy, has released a video of one of his popular songs Uncle Short One, which has since been launched on YoutTube and is getting more viewing hits.

Piksy’s record label Nde’feyo  Entertainment said  Uncle Short One, is a song in which the person recounts the story of his life and shares his experiences about his uncle, Uncle Short One, whom he says was his best friend before they parted ways due to some disagreements.

“Uncle Short One isn’t my real uncle. He’s imaginary and in the video it shows my stages of life as young as a 7-year-old Piksy to the current Piksy,” Piksy is quoted as saying by The Nation.

According to Piksy the video which has taken sometime to produce talks about his personal journey in life with an imaginary uncle who happens to be his best friend.

The video, shot by Chipiliro Khonje assisted by Ken Liwame and Wisdom Phanga , features Lovemore Umali aka 2K who is popularly known in the arts circles as Uncle Short One, as the main character.

Uncle Short One trails Unamata as Piksy’s second music video off his Maso album.

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