Fashion has never been synonymous with females. Neither has it been limited to its area in the arts, and it is usually accompanied with music. Runways all over the world have featured music by different artists to act as background music for the shows.
Malawi will therefore not be an exception.

The organisers of Malawi Fashion Week (MFW) have pulled together the services of musician Lawrence Khwisa (Lulu) to put together a song which tells the story of fashion in Malawi from what it used to be, where we are and what we can hope for in future.

“Malawi Tiye is a song that I have done, particularly ,about Malawi Fashion Week. It tells the story of where we are coming from, where we are and where we are heading to,” said Lulu.

He said the song which will soon be released before the Malawi Fashion Week scheduled to take place from May 30 to June 3 will be on the lips of many as the show takes off. “It is a danceable tune and one that many would love to sing along to,” he said.

Lulu will lead a team of upcoming artists at the launch of MFW in singing and dancing as part of the entertainment. “People are used to seeing a runway show without entertainment and we want to change that,” he said

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