Poly Student Union President Wakisa Simukonda has denied receiving bribes from PP Officials aimed at silencing them in their fight in which they are asking government to raise upkeep allowances for students.

Speaking to the media, Wakisa explained that nothing was given to them during their visit to the state house where they had audience with Dr. Joyce Banda on issues affecting the college.

“I think this is simply cheap propaganda from some quarters that have personal interests in the issue. The whole thing comes into being simply because we had peaceful demos today when we went to present our petition. Come to think of it, do you mean to say we should always demonstrate violently? I strongly deny such allegations. We never pocketed anything from the president,” explained Wakisa.

Meanwhile, Wakisa also said that they will not rest until their demands are met.

“Be assured that Poly will not sit down and watch. It is a simple thing we want, address our concerns. Life is just so unbearable for students now it is my prayer that the President will look into the matter with urgency and understanding,” said Wakisa Simukonda.

On Friday 2nd, Poly students presented their petition to the president through the Chief Executive office of Blantyre city in a peaceful demonstration that many political commentators commended. The Office of the president and cabinet is yet to give official response to the student’s demands.

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