Students Union of Chancellor College (SUCC) is contemplating on seeking an injunction at the High Court on Friday against the closure of the College. The move comes amidst rumours that the university council is planning to close the College together with the Malawi Polytechnic if they continue with their protests.

Director of Publications Odala Balamu told online media that SUCC will seek the intervention of the courts on the students’ vigils which were blocked by police on Thursday.

“We had the DC’s approval to go ahead with the planned vigils, but police blocked us arguing that it was illegal. As SUCC, we are planning of filing for an injunction tomorrow which will restrain the police from interfering with our legal march to the university offices,” said Balamu.

Balamu also said SUCC will also seek a stay order restraining the powers from executing any decision to close down the college.

“We will also seek a stay order restraining government and the University Council from closing the college. With these court orders, students will freely go ahead with the vigils with the assurance that closure of the college won’t be effected,” Balamu said.

Asked on what students should do that the police are blocking them from proceeding to the university offices, Balamu said that come tomorrow, students should convene at the quad while waiting for the courts to issue the two injunctions.

“Students should not lose any hope. We are fighting this battle to the very end. Tomorrow, they [students] should gather at the Quad where there will be a sound system to entertain them while SUCC will be running up and down to seek the injunctions,” advised Balamu.

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