It’s being reported by that Actress, Rapper and Maybelline Make-Up spokeswoman, Queen Latifah has confirmed the long held rumors that she is in fact gay.

The website claims that her quietly ‘Coming Out of the Closet,’ took place in a recent press release. Except, nowhere in their article does it directly quote her saying that. In fact, all the press release actually says is that she will be headlining this year’s annual Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival; which is something that she has never done before.

The only reason that we are reporting on this is because either way this story is ridiculous. Whether or not someone, especially a well-established, successful performer is Gay should be such a non-issue at this point that if she is and hasn’t come out it’s insulting to the LGBT Community and if she isn’t, then the just insulted the Gay Community and it’s Straight Allies by making the assumption that a performer MUST be Gay if they’re involved in Pride Events.

If Dana Owens (Latifah’s real name) is gay, which let’s face it we all assume she is, and she still hasn’t admitted to it, it’s just plain sad. It would be one thing if she were the most demur, dainty, girlie girl on the planet immediately filling the typical heterosexual stereotype – but she isn’t. She fits the strong, powerful, I’ll see you at Home Depot lesbian stereotype. I’m not saying that either is a valid, politically correct opinion to hold, I’m just saying that if she is in fact gay and is just too scared to admit it publicly then that’s tragic. If by some chance she’s not gay, well then she’s getting a lot of free press that she should be grateful for and should eventually be the Spokeswomen for destroying and disproving stereotypes.

The simple fact is the more ‘Out and Proud’ gay men and women that we have in our society, particularly in the media, the harder it will be to breed the type of ignorance that leads to things like hate crimes and un-American anti-gay legislation.

So while I agree that the choice of ‘coming out’ or not ultimately rests with the individual to do what is right for his or her own life, it’s been my feeling that sometimes the needs of the many should out way the wants of the individual.

So, Queen Latifah if this was your way of finally coming out, then welcome. And if it wasn’t and you’re still looking for a way to clarify things, will be happy to do your ‘Coming Out’ OR ‘Staying In,’ OR ‘Never Was’ Exclusive Interview.

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