Zambian Dalisoul tours with Skeffa, and The Blacks Missionaries #Malawi


RE N O W N E D Zambian musician Dalisoul has said he is excited to perform in the country and further build his relationship with Malawian musicians.

The musician, who arrived in the country alongside fellow Zambian artist Rich Bizzy and his dancing team, is set to perform alongside local music big names among them The Black Missionaries, Anthony Makondetsa and Skeffa Chimoto in a series of shows billed as Malawi vs Zambia.

Speaking in an interview ahead of his tour which will see the artists perform tomorrow at Robins Park, then in Mangochi and finally at Lilongwe Golf Club on Sunday, the musician said he was delighted that his music and that of other Zambians have made great inroads in the country.

He further said the benefits of the cross-border music influx have been mutual as Malawian artists such as Skeffa were making it big in Zambia.

Dalisoul said he was looking forward to further collaborations both on stage and in the studio.

“The relationship has a great potential. I always had this dream of Rhodesia and Nyasaland coming together, as artists I think it’s much easier to see it come to reality. Importantly, it will help artists in either country break barriers. While I have performed in all corners of Zambia, I still have a lot of areas in Malawi to exploit and the same applies to Skeffa or any other Malawian artist,” said Dalisoul.

Dalisoul, who has previously recorded music with Skeffa and recently collaborated with up-coming R&B star Armstrong, said he was also working on a project where he would bring some of Malawi’s big artists and their Zambian colleagues such as K’millian on one recording.

On his part, Skeffa said the partnership between the artists was an opportunity to share ideas and give satisfaction to music fans.
“A lot of Malawians enjoy Zambian music and these artists are big household names. This is the beginning of the oneness musicians preach about. You don’t need an interpreter to sing in Zambia and they don’t need an interpreter to sing here, we are one people,” said Chimoto.
The shows will be Dalisoul’s third visit to the country after his last show two years ago. By Golden Matonga

Picture : (Left to right) Rich Bizzy, Dalisoul and Skeffa Chimoto

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