The not-so-long-ago restored donor aid might once again fly from the hands of Malawi, the European union has hinted.

According to the EU, which is one of the biggest donors to the nation, rampant corruption in the public sector will force donors to pull out from helping the country.

The remarks follow reports and incidences of various corrupt practices that have involved civil servants and the controversial shooting of Paul Mphwiyo, Director of Budget in the Treasury Department, that has brought to the fore various corrupt practices in the government.

If aid gets withdrawn, this will not be the first time as the nation had to also go through the same months before the change in leadership.

The leadership of late Bingu wa Mutharika lost donor confidence in its last days and the results were never positive as the nation had to go through various shortages of things that included forex and fuel among other essentials and non-essentials.

The Joyce Banda government, however, started regaining back the lost donor confidence and things started improving were it not for the devaluation. Recent events, nevertheless, have proven that the reign is miles away from regaining that trust as claims of rampant corruption have started flying around.

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