The conditions in Malawi prison are deplorable, their meals are unenviable. However, in the midst of all this, another sad event has happened that has to shake the nation from its slumber for those who care that inmates are people like us.

Reports indicate that four inmates at Maula prison in Lilongwe have died due to starvation. While it is a known fact that meals in prison are rationed as per wisdom of the political authorities prevalent at that point in time, this time around the rationing went too much if not insane.

It is said that the four failed to survive the hunger that has hit the prison so hard that they finally gave up their ghosts.

In August this year, prison authorities sounded an alarm that hunger was impending at the prison after as suppliers were shunning it due to poor prices they were offering.

Meanwhile, Malawi as a nation itself is attempting to convince itself that there is no hunger in the country when it is well known that there is hunger and some more souls — if no necessary steps are taken — may reunite with their creator earlier due to the same.

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