The three day private visit to Nigeria by State President, Joyce Banda, has raised eyebrows amongst some Malawians as to why the President has found Nigeria to be one of her obsessions despite the finance minister announcing theoretical travel cuts by all governemnt officials including the President.

According to state house, President Banda is leaving Malaw this afternoon via the Kamuzu International Airport for Nigeria where she will be for three days on an undisclosed business.

However, some sources have revealed that the President is going to Nigeria to visit the famous man of God who prophesied the death of Banda’s predecessor, TB Joshua.

The sources say that Banda’s waning popularity has been a trouble to her so much such that she wants to consult her spiritual father, TB Joshua, on what she can do.

Not long ago, the Nigerian evangelist slammed some world leaders who visit him yet do not respect what he tells them. Without mentioning names, Joshua said that there were some leaders who meet him in private and he counsels them but sadly, they act to the contrary.

Recently, a Zimabwean online paper revealed that Joshua had told Banda that she would be President for two years only.

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