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PP adminstrative secretary cries foul over primary elections, weeps for a re-run


Peoples’ Party (PP) administrative secretary, Joseph Chikwemba, who was floored in the party primaries in Zomba Central Constituency has cried foul over the outcome of the primaries in which a woman named Kainga-Nangozo emerged the winner.

Chikwemba who had made himself a PP candidate for the area long before the elections started has indicated that he is not ready to accept defeat in the elections despite it being clear that the people in the area have little trust in him.

The PP administrative secretary whose downfall was welcomed by most people on social media has disclosed that he wants a re-run to be conducted for the elections as the outcome did not impress him.

The winning side, however, has said that it is not ready to go for a re-run and has wondered as to what it will be the intentions of the party in conducting a re-run.

“We, the people of Zomba central, do not want Chikwemba. The party should not impose its candidates on us. We voted for a Nangozo and it’s her we want,” said one member who opted for anonymity.

Just yesterday, the Director of Elections of the party in the region resigned from the post alleging that the party is violating its supporters’ choices by imposing candidates on people and twisting results to fit with those whom they want to win.

Currently, Zomba Central is under the DPP with its Vice President of the Eastern Region Yunuss Mussa holding it and intending to represent it again in the May tripartite elections.

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