U$ 20 to know if your name is in the book of life


Whereas some will stop at slapping a woman to cast out witchcraft out of her, others will extend a step further and make soap they claim can cleanse you of all evil spirits; however, all these pale when compared to the Kenyan pastor who has come in to declare that with Ksh 1,500 (an equivalent of U$ 20) you can know whether you will spend your eternity in heaven or its opposite.

Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helicopter of Christ Ministries in Kenya claims that he can check whether your name is in the Book of Life, that is to say he can find out whether you will go to heaven or not.

However, to do this, you first have to pay Sh1,500 (US$20). He claims that he has a direct line to God and can communicate with him directly.

In 2012, Wahome was charging Sh1,200 for anyone who wanted to touch his garment – like that woman who touched Jesus’ clothes in Mark 5:21-34. Wahome claimed that people who touched his clothes got instant healing from whatever disease.

Talk of innovations in the church business, one can only imagine where they will stop at.

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