CSOs slam government on Cash gate

Voice Mhone-CSO leader

The Civil Society Community in Malawi has described as disastrous government’s continued rhetoric and empty choruses on fighting corruption arguing there is clear shielding and preferential treatment of cash gate suspect.

The organization says there is clear lack of genuine political will from the ruling people’s party(PP) leadership to decisively root out corruption in the country despite the podium talk.

They Further expressed concern over the delayed release of the forensic audit report to the public which government already sent to the International Monetary Fund(IMF) to the surprise and alienation of Malawians.

“we wonder for whose benefit is the audit report”, said Mhone.

The organization, under the umbrella of the CSO Grand Coalition, have expressed their concern in statement which was read by the group’s leader Voice Mhone to the Media in Blantyre.

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