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Health benefits of lemon

Lemon is  mostly used as vegetable by people although it is basically a fruit. There are so many health benefits of lemon and its water. Lemon contains five percent citric acid and a rich source of vitamin C. Lemon also contains many other vitamins (vitamin B), Riboflavin and Minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates and protein. Lemons have strong antiviral, antibacterial, and immune improving powers and is very helpful in losing weight/fats lemon juice helps digestive system in digestion of food like meat and also work as liver cleanser.

Lemon juice in mixture with Green tea and daily usage is an excellent remedy for weight/fats, for fair healthy skin and for digestion. Lemons are typically used in form of juice in green tea, as ingredient of pickles and sauces , as a conduit of flavor, ranging from beverages, biscuits, cakes, and variety of other drinks or even as an ornamental in salads and drinks and in different dishes for enhancing taste. Lemon along with other benefits also works in increasing appetite so it is very beneficial for patients with decreased appetite.

In order to get the most benefits of lemon water take a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze one full lemon in it and should drink first thing in the morning upon waking and then wait at least 20 to 25 minutes before breakfast. Every part of the lemon is beneficial like membranous portion and the peel as the peel contains 10 times more vitamin C than the juice so don’t waste any part of it.

The regular use of Lemons assist the stomach in removing dirt efficiently. It can helps in relieving heartburn nausea, and parasites. Lemon helps in Purifying blood and acts as a cleaning agents. Regular Intake of Lemon juice helps in curing constipation, acts as a liver tonic and helps in digesting food by producing more Bile.

Lemon is a well know juicy and delicious vegetable and easily available in any fruit/vegetable market at a low price. Lemon plant produces Lemons throughout the year but its use increases in the summer. All the citrus fruits have their own benefits however Lemon is the most popular among them.

The Greeks and Romans had received full advantages of Lemon in curing of all types of poisons, for food preservation; as an insects repellent, for purification of water, for protection from  contagious diseases, for protection of woolen clothes from bugs etc.

In short the benefits of Lemon are countless and it’s hard to ignore.

Table of Lemon NutrientsLemon (Citrus) fresh without peel
Nutrition Value per 100 g
(Source of date: (USDA National Nutrient)
Contents/Principle Nutrients Value RDA Percentage
Carbohydrates 9.32 g 7%
Protein 1.10 g 2%
Energy 29 Kcal 1.5%
Total Fat 0.30 g 1%
Dietary Fiber 2.80 g 7%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Vitamin C 53 mg 88%
Pyridoxine 0.080 mg 6%
Pantothenic acid 0.190 mg 4%
Thiamin 0.040 mg 3.5%
Folates 11 µg 3%
Niacin 0.100 mg 1%
Riboflavin 0.020 mg 1.5%
Vitamin A 22 IU 1%
Vitamin E 0.15 mg 1%
Vitamin K 0 µg 0%
Potassium 138 mg 3%
Sodium 2 mg 0%
Iron 0.60 mg 7.5%
Copper 37 µg 4%
Calcium 26 mg 3%
Magnesium 8 mg 2%
Manganese 0.030 mg 1%
Zinc 0.06 mg 0.5%
Carotene-߸ 3 µg
Carotene-a 1 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß 20 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin 11 µg



  • ALKALIZING: Lemons are normally acidic in taste but in real they are Alkaline forming and helps to restore pH balance in body.
  • DIGESTION:Lemon juice with lukewarm water can help in the treatment of problems related to digestion. Even it is positive in care of constipation, heartburn, nausea and worm infections.
  • LIVER:The Lemon is very beneficial for Liver as it wonderfully stimulate the liver and dissolve  uric acid and other poisons and also liquefies the bile.
  • WEIGHT LOSE: Lemons are rich in Pectin fiber, which helps in fighting hunger desire. People who are maintaining more alkaline diet lose weight faster.
  • Asthma:One tablespoon of lemon juice an hour before meal is a good recommendation.
  • BEES STINGS:In case of Bee stings apply lemon juice on area and in a movement will get relief from pain. Another benefit of Lemon juice is it has natural antiseptic quality so can be applied on wounds.
  • COLD AND FLU:Lemons are rich source of  vitamin C and flavonoids that work well against infections like Cold and flu. Lemon is very affective for sore throat, wounds healing, and for relieving from high fever. For cold and flu mix a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice each and use it, or add to hot tea one to two tea spoons of lemon juice and drink it.
  • STRESS & MENTAL HEALTH:Another benefit of Lemon is it helps in psychological problems by relieving the mental fatigue through its smell. The lemon peel contains the Potent Phyto-nutrient tangeretin, which is proven to be very affective for brain disorder like Parkinson disease. It also improve short memory and mental clarity, reduces stress, sharpens the senses, energizing and uplifting mood.
  • SKIN AND PIMPLES:Lemon has a prominent role and place in beauty and cosmetics. Lemon juice is used in manufacturing of cosmetics and other skin items. As a home remedy Lemon is mixed with turmeric powder and honey to make a paste for the  treatment of oily skin and pimples.In case of black heads on your face take a lemon juice and rub it for about 5 minutes. Lemon is also very affective for removing dead skin cells of your different body part, for that you need to take  Lemon juice and add salt in it to make a paste  rub it well. Another benefit of Lemon juice is it soothes the dry skin by mixing it glycerin.
  • DANDRUFF:Using Lemon juice as a home remedy for the treatment of dandruff is in practice for years and is very affective. Take a table spoon of lemon juice and mix it with five table spoon of coconut oil then apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash with your normal shampoo,
  • HAIR:Another benefit of Lemon juice is it adds shine to hair and lighten/highlight the color of la final rinse. For lightening hair apply Lemon juice on hair and then expose sunlight. As a result   it will turn your hair lighter and shine hair.
  • ANTI AGING, SUN SPOTS OR LIVER SPOTS:overexposure to the UV rays of the sun produces Age spots . These can be dark brown or red called liver spots or sun spots. It contain Vitamin C which helps to neutralize free radicals linked to aging. Lemon juice because of its Acidic nature removes the upper skin layer and thus very effective in treating age spots. Mix an equal amounts of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar and apply this mixture on the spots, leave it for 20 minutes to soak in your skin after 20 minutes apply a mixture of Olive or Almond oil and sugar crystals and gently scrub the spotted area. The 1stmixture of  Lemon and Vinegar dissolve the upper layer of skin and the 2ndmixture of oil & sugar slough off the spotted skin and reveal the fresh skin below. For visible results keeps on using this 2-3 times a week for a month.
  • DIARRHEA:Lemon juice is very affective home remedy for the treatment of Diarrhea. Add a half of normal size Lemon to a cup of goat milk and drink it.
  • OVEN ODORS:In order to deodorize your smelly Oven pierce a lemon several times and put in oven at 150 degree for 10 to 15 minutes, don’t the close the oven door and leave it slightly open.
  • DISH WASH AND CLEANING OF COPPER POTS:Lemon cleans up the oily posts very easily and that’s why it is the main ingredient of many dish wash bar and liquids. In order to clean the copper pots add salt on a lemon half and rub well the copper pots, pans and other copper made items.
  • CLEANS BOWELS: Lemon eliminate waste, improve the bowel movement and helps in regularity by increasing peristalsis in bowel. For a visible result add one Lemon juice to warm water and drink it as first thing in the morning.
  • KIDNEY STONES & GALLSTONE:Lemon contain Citric acid which helps to dissolve kidney stones , calcium deposits and gallstones.
  • OXYGEN DEFICIENCY:Insufficient oxygen results in difficulty in breathing which often happens at high attitude and at the time of climbing mountain), Lemons are very beneficial in such cases. Mr. Edmund Hillary (The first man who climbed and reach the top of Mt. Everest) has said that my success on Mt. Everest was greatly because of lemons.
  • BLOOD PRESSURE AND HEMORRHAGE:Lemon contain vitamin P (Bioflavinoid) which helps in preventing internal hemorrhage and also helps in treating high blood pressure.
  • EYE:Lemon contain Rutin and from the research it was proven that Rutin improves the disorder ineye including diabetic retinopathy
  • ANTI-CANCER COMPOUNDS:Lemons contain 22 anti cancer compounds including natural limonene oil that slows or stop the growth of cancer tumors in animals and Flavonol glycosides halts the cell division of Cancer
  • As per the theReams Biological Ionization Theory (RBTI), Lemon is the ONLY Anoin food in the world (an ion has a negative charge). The rest of the foods are cationic (with positive charge.) Thus making it extremely beneficial to health as it interacts between anions and cations that ultimately provides energy to all cell.


Always go for fresh, heavier and thin skinned lemons because they have more minerals and sugar than lighter and thick skinned lemons .

  • Go for lemons with finely grained texture peels because they are full of juice.
  • Picks Lemons that fully ripped and have completely turned yellow, the ones with green tinges are not fully ripened and are very acidic.
  • Lemons can stay fresh at a room temperature (not exposed to sunlight) for about 7 to 10 days. And in refrigerator for about four to five weeks.

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