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FDH bank jointly with Airtel Malawi today launched FDH emoney suitable for both individual customers, agents and corporate customers. Customers who are on FDH emoney can transact using their e-value and cash sitting in their accounts interchangeably.

In his speech at the launch, FDH managing director Philip Madinga, said FDH emoney is secured, convenient, safe and above all friendly.

“FDH Bank in partnership with Airtel Money brings to the market a unique mobile banking solution like never before. FDH e-money is the first of its kind as it allows cashless ATM withdrawals on our ATMs, amongst other exciting capabilities.

“The service also allows our customers to transact outside our branches, and outside banking hours. We also expect that the various Airtel Money agents, most of whom are SMEs spread nationwide, will benefit from this service,” said Madinga.

Airtel Malawi Chief Commercial Officer Charles Kamoto said the partnership will transform the landscape of e-banking services in the country.

Malawians can only benefit from greater convergence between conventional banking services and the mobility that mobile telephony offers, said Kamoto.

According to Kamoto the partnership will see airtel customers transferring money from mobile account to bank account and vice versa, inter-bank money transfer, check bank balance, mini statement as well as cardless ATM withdraws.

He further said the partnership demonstrates Airtel’s commitment to the growth of a banking culture in the country thereby contributing to macro and micro economic growth of Malawi via mobile telecoms services.

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