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Malawi Police inspector Lot Dzonzi has condemned the police exercise of brutal acts on Malawians in their line of duty.

The law does not allow police officers to use force in some instances, there are legal limitations as to where their freedom can go, said Dzonzi.

“Yes the law does not allow us to use force in some occasions, it also allows us to use weapons such as guns, but not every situation, as a matter of fact, guns are to be used for disabling and not hurting people. Policemen are however not allowed to exercise brutal measures on people unnecessarily,” explained the inspector.

It is the duty of every policeman to protect and not instil fear in the citizens it protects. Policemen are hired to secure the well being of all citizens, said the IG.

“When people see a policeman they are supposed to feel safe and not the other way around,” said Dzonzi.

The IG further exclaimed that proper measure will be taken on all policemen found guilty of unnecessarily hurting Malawian.

“I would like to acknowledge the efforts of mobile police officers for how dedicated they have been during and after the May 20 elections despite the limited resources that they have. Likewise I would like to thank the Crime Investigative Department for their tireless efforts to curb crime,” he explained.

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