Police in Zomba are no where in sight as some army members who are on a vengeance mission attacked and injured a Police officer Sunday night.

It has come to our knowledge that the army who were harassing people during the night of Sunday found one of the police officers having fun at one of the drinking joints in Zomba.

The soldiers without hesitation attacked and injured the Police officer, Zomba police has confirmed.

In recent reports the army is also said to have destroyed a road block at Four miles in the city. As of now there are no Police officers on the road block as well as on the streets of Zomba.

Although Malawi Defence Force (MDF) is denying the allegations being labelled against it.

Spokesperson of the Malawi Defence Francis Kakhuta Banda said he is not aware of any soldiers terrorising people in the city.

“Yes we lost a soldier and we are investigating the matter to found out what really transpired, that’s all we are doing for now,” he said.

Banda further added that the Defence Force does not have any knowledge that other soldiers are going around beating people in the city.

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