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How did the quails written in the bible taste? Was it like our Malawian local chicken? or was it like pigeons, ducks or guinea fowls?

if you posed this question to Phinifolo Mateyu of Dunga Incubators and General Supplies, he will first reluctantly say it tasted like Pigeons, then again he will say no, not exactly like that but perhaps like local chicken, aaah, no, no, no, not like that, they tasted much better than all these, then he will go a little bit gibberish, and say– not like all these.

No wonder Phinifolo did not find a better word to describe how the Quails tasted. It is difficult, but he has tasted the birds that were graciously given to the Israelites by God in the wilderness of Sinai in the ancient times.

As for me, one thing I know about God is that if He was to give you something, He would definitely give you something of high quality
Let us not struggle with this question because it is no longer difficult as it used to be in Malawi, few years back. The Quails are finally in Lilongwe, imported from its native land of Egypt where God rained it thousands of years ago in response to the complaints of His children. As a matter of fact, you can acquire, breed, eat or sell them in your homes and you will be able to improve your health and make more money, according to Phinifolo.

We can understand you if you said you have never eaten Manna, but if you say Quails, no, no, no. Just go to Area 47 in the city of Lilongwe here in Malawi and meet Nazreen Nzema or Phinfolo Mateyu or just ask for Dunga incubators and General Supplies in Sector 5 near Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS). There, you can get one, and have a near similar experience as that our fore-fathers had in the wilderness.

To those who do not know the story of the Israelites, I will briefly take you into the book of Genesis chapter 16 from verse 13. There, the Israelites, having been powerfully delivered by God from the oppressive hand of Pharaoh, on their way to the Promised Land of Canaan when between Elim and Mount Sinai in Egypt, complained to Moses and Aaron about lack of Meat and Bread in the wilderness.

God responded by raining Manna (bread) and Quails (meat) which each family collected to their satisfaction.
So the type of birds written in this chapter, are the ones which are finally in Malawi, bigger than the local ones and more wonderful. In fact, these birds are some of the agricultural produce and products being exhibited at the Lilongwe District Agriculture fair held at Civo upper stadium.
“We import these Quails from Egypt and breed those using incubators which we manufacture, and then we sell to whosoever wants,” said Phinifolo in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana).

He said quails are amazing birds in that apart from its delicious meat, the shells of its eggs can be crushed and its powder used as medicine for Diabetes, Cancer and wounds among other ailments.
Phinifolo who is the Manager of the company also said Quails can lay up to over 300 eggs in a year and these can be put In the incubators where they hatch In 16 days. From there, the chicks are transferred to a brooder where they stay for 2 weeks before taking them out to spend 6 more weeks, before they start laying.

According to Phinifolo, Dunga Supplies manufactures high quality incubators and brooders which are computerized and automatic. He said the incubators can turn the eggs automatically every six hours.
“Even when there is power outage, the incubators maintain the required temperature for about 6 hours before we need to power them again.” He added.
He said with their Incubators, alternative sources of power such as generators, batteries and Solar can be used.
Taking a look at the technology, one would not believe one’s eyes, that these are locally manufactured for they are computerized and use high level of technology.
But Phinifolo said the company is facing challenges when it comes to acquiring the computer boxes as these are imported from China and are expensive. He then asked for Government to in and support them.

Apart from the Quails, Dunga Supplies also keep and sell Mandaline and Security ducks which he says are also imported from Egypt. Mandaline ducks are small in size and very beautiful, while security ducks are big and white in color.
Security ducks, according to Phinifolo can be used for security purposes apart from the normal use of eating them.

“These ducks can mobilize themselves and make a strange and scary noise whenever an intruder breaks in your compound, they will even advance towards him/her,” he said.
According to the Manager, Dunga Supplies have a vision of multiplying the Quails and Ducks and sell them to farmers for further multiplication. He said currently they are supplying the quails to a limited number of Restaurants in the city of Lilongwe.

“Once a farmer has purchased our incubators, we give 2 trays of Quails eggs for a start so that they can start raising them right away since we know that it can be difficult for them to find the eggs in Egypt by themselves,” he said.
Now it may sound absurd for one to ask how quails look like and taste when Dunga Supplies have brought them home from afar. You need not spend your money to go to Egypt or Israel to taste the Quails. Just go to Area 47 and have one, then you will be amazed at the love God had for his children, and you too will understand why Phinifolo went a bit gibberish when explaining about the taste on the Quails.

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