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Sadly, planet earth is at a juncture where unfaithfulness is fast becoming part of relationships. Lack of trust, selfishness, dissatisfaction and other factors lead to cheating. Stereotypes point at men as the “cheatpreneurs” but unbeknownst to them, the trend seems balanced today: both genders cheat equally.

So, to any man who smells a rat regarding his relationship, the following information might help in finding the real truth behind unfaithfulness in relationships. This helps in that, as they say, “the best way to heal heartbreak is by learning about it earlier.”

These signs should act as red flags:

  • Avoiding Your Family

If she once loved being around your family members and now seems to be losing interest in it, it might hint something. She might be suffering the guilt of spending time with relatives of someone she has cheated on.

  • Loss of Sexual Interest

If her interest in sex drops unexplainably, she might be getting the sex from someone else. Also, if her sex is no longer interesting, she might be doing it to blind the man.

  • Short Temper

If a lady is not interested in a man, nature dictates that she has to be rude or ignorant. Therefore, if she gets angry over petty issues or no longer offers attention as before, it might be time to let go.

  • Suspicious Use of Cell or PC

Texting is not bad if it does not affect your relationship. Again, calls are not bad if done at the right time. However, if the calls come at 3 in the morning, or if she seems too engrossed in her texting, it is a raised flag. Again, if she drops her face or shuts her laptop on spotting you, the doubts double.

  • Unexplained Movement

If she disappears for hours without leaving a notice, something bad might be baking. If this is coupled with unanswered calls or texts, something worse such as sex might be happening. Do not move too fast on this as she might be studying or in church. Look for more signs.

  • Ironic Interest

If she suddenly starts asking about how long you will be away, when you leave the library or what time the party ends, think twice. This might be a cunning way of learning your schedule and aligning it to hers, so you never find out. Give a false one and break it.

Hopefully, by the time you heartbreak caves in on you, a post will be up talking about getting over heartbreaks in five minutes!


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