Sex, sex and sex; so much emphasis has been placed on men and how much they love sex, and so little has been said of the other things every man would appreciate in his lady.

Yes, I must admit that most men out there are sensitive to the issue of sex and so many would even sell the worth of their relationship just to have sex with some other woman and some other woman and some other woman…the list goes on.

However, there are some things every decent man would appreciate in his lady and that’s what this article would centre on.

No, a decent man doesn’t only want sex, 8 other things he would appreciate.


OK, let’s take a quick survey in our hearts; which man would love to have a lady that cheats on him, lie to him and can never be trusted for a moment? I mean, I doubt any right thinking man would love to have a dishonest lady that he can’t trust as the special woman in his life. This shows that men also appreciate honesty especially now that we live in times where honesty seems to be a thing of the past.


Yea, men would always love this feature, and by being fashionable I don’t mean you have to have done a Kim Kardashian. Men love it when they can pride in their lady, take her to functions with him and confidently introduce that woman to everyone with joy in their heart. If she has at least a basic knowledge of how to look good then the man would appreciate that. Show me one decent man out there that wouldn’t appreciate his wife/girlfriend if she looks good.


A woman with a good heart is always a joy to be with; she can provide a spark to a man’s world. A decent man would never toy with such a woman; a decent man would always cherish a woman with a cheerful heart, a loving spirit and one who doesn’t easily hold grudges. Many women are hard to live with but not the woman with a good heart.


Who says men don’t like a woman that can create some magic with her culinary skills? I still remember some old quotes which show that men have this relationship with not just food but good food; men would always say “there is nothing like a good home-made meal”; older women would always give one advice to their daughters; “the best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This shows one thing: men appreciate good cooking skills.


The emotionally strong woman isn’t one any decent man would take for granted; most men out there would appreciate an emotionally strong woman. An emotionally strong woman would always be held in high esteem by a man because she isn’t just strong for her, she’s strong for her family, she’s strong for her friends, she’s a fighter and one that can motivate her man to be whoever he wants to be.


A relationship is never a one man affair; it’s always a two way thing; the man should be supportive of his lady and the other way round. I doubt there is a decent man out there who wouldn’t appreciate a woman that contributes to the development of the relationship rather than relax with the mentality that the man should do it all.


A confident woman always knows her worth and men just find this as an attraction. The confident woman isn’t affected with the mentality of having insecurity; she takes pride in herself and works hard to be who she wants to be. One thing about self-worth is that it makes others see the value in you, and self-worth isn’t pride.


Truth be told, men no longer appreciate dummies; a woman who seems to know nothing about anything would hardly win the respect of her man but not the intelligent woman; the intelligent woman is a marvel and men are drawn to things that marvel them. Check out most of the things men love: fast cars, sports, technology, body building, space, jets – these things marvel men and it shows that anything beyond the ordinary would marvel a man, and trust me, an intelligent woman is beyond the ordinary.


So ladies, I would advise you, if you are still dating a man who only appreciates you because of sex then you are probably on the wrong side of the divide. There are so many decent men out there that would appreciate so many other good qualities.


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