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Fashion has got its own rules and these are rules every stylish man knows and follows too. We want you looking fab and you can achieve the fab look if you know these rules and follow them too. If you are a single man you never might know, she could just love the new stylish you.

Below are 6 fashion rules every man should know

  1. BELTS:

Your belts must always match your shoes; if you wear a brown belt, you must use a brown shoe. You should never use your dress belts when wearing sneakers and jeans. Never wear a belt with suspenders. It should be either belt or suspenders.

  1. TREND:

It’s tempting to invest in trendy clothes but it’s advisable you invest in timeless pieces because they never go out of trend.

  1. DENIM:

When doing the double denim, you should ensure you wear jeans that are a shade or two darker than the denim shirt. Ensure you wash your denim as little as possible as it becomes weak with washing and loses its colour.

  1. SUIT:

When wearing a suit, ensure your shirt is a lighter colour than your suit. This is an ideal way of creating a slimmer illusion. When wearing a three-button suit, fasten your top button only and never fasten your bottom button. You should ensure your jacket sleeve is short enough to show some shirt cuff— at least about half an inch.


Skinny trousers make skinny men look tall. Flat-front trousers look better than pleated pants, at least most of the time.

  1. WATCH:

Every stylish man needs at least one good quality watch that reflects his style. It would be great if you are able to get more but ensure you have at least one as it’s an important accessory for every man. A gold or silver band can work with any outfit



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