Former Speaker of Parliament Sam Mpasu has urged Malawians to stop calling for the immediate resignation of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, saying the country’s economy will judge the future of his leadership.

Mpasu’s remarks come amid growing calls from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) across the country demanding for Mutharika’s immediate resignation accusing him of failing to run the affairs of the State.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Times on Monday, Mpasu said any leader who does not take good care of the economy, the same economy dismisses that particular leader.

“The President and his government must be interested in the health of the economy. Any leader who is not interested in the health of the economy gets overthrown by the economy itself,” Mpasu was quoted as saying.

Mpasu said there are good examples that defend his argument that happened with the leaders who once took charge of the country’s affairs.

Earlier today, Senior Cabinet Ministers held a meeting at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe to explain concerns CSOs and Malawians in general raised.

Among other issues, CSOs wants President Mutharika to reduce his external travel and he should publicly give details of his entourage to the United Nation General Assembly and those organizations that funded the trip.

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