Lawyer Nankhuni denies swindling MK25 million for his clients: trashes Nyasatimes article

Lilongwe based lawyer Gift Nankhuni has come out of his cocoon and trash the article carried by Nyasatimes purporting that the lawyers is in hiding for allegedly swindling his client money amounting to MK25 million, saying the reports are untrue.

In the article tittled ‘Lawyer Nankhuni living dangerously, accused of swindling clients’, Nyasatimes alleged that, Nankhuni ‘swindled’ three ‘businessmen’ of more than K25 million he collected from another set of ‘businessmen’ from the city when he wrote them a ‘demand’ letter from his clients.

“A deal had gone sour and these three businessmen (names withheld) contacted Nankhuni to seek legal redress and Nankhuni promptly sent a demand letter to the other two underworld ‘businessmen’(names also withheld).

“Fearing that the matter would go to court and expose their business, the two underworld bosses agreed to pay through Nankhuni K25 million in cash which the lawyer did not pass on to his clients,” wrote Nyasatimes.

According to the publication, Nankhuni was whisked away by his close friends Robert Bakuwa and Khumbo Nyirenda last week at a drinking joint in Area 49 Lilongwe when a gang arrived at the place looking for the lawyer.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Nankhuni denied the claims in the article, saying he is living a normal life.

“For the record I am not watching my back all the time as the Nyasatimes story alleges as there is no need to. I am not doing any case for any three businessmen or anyone at all for the sum of MK25m. I have also not issued a demand letter as claimed nor have I received the sum of MK25m as claimed or at all.

“If you follow my posts you will have noticed that I have been quite a free man and have even enjoyed my drinks freely and have almost always checked into where am drinking. I have not had a drink with Khumbo Wandaweko Mwana Nyirenda for over two months. I haven’t had a drink with Robert Bakuwa for ages. I was nowhere near a drinking joint in Area 49 in the past two weeks,” wrote Nakhuni.

Nankhuni went further by posting some of the pictures showing him and his friends at a drinking joins in the capital lilongwe.

Below are the pictures:

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