After hours of speculations, finally organisers have come in the open to announce the cancellation of the show.

Jointly organised by a South African based music label, KCP and Fepo Music Entertainment Company, the South African musical outfit, Mafikizolo was scheduled to perform on Thursday at BICC and Robins Park in Blantyre on Friday.

According to Taona Mkandawire of KCP, his firm is to blame for the mess.

“There was certain information that was withheld from me [from KCP in South Africa] as a representative of the company. As people on the ground we had different information and Mafikizolo hasn’t started off. My apologies to all those involved in this, we have messed the reputation of companies, but it’s not their fault but rather, KCP’s.

“The owner of the company has to clear everyone involved. Good thing we did not collect money from all the points we were selling tickets. So I will not leave Malawi until everyone is sorted,” said Mkandawire sounding distraught in a phone interview.

However, in a statement from South Africa, another KCP official, Daniel Phiri said the cancellation is as a result of lack of sponsorship.

“The show has been postponed due to two big investors from whom we were supposed to have [their] payment and it didn’t come through yesterday. We proposed alternative ways to commit to the conditions but the proposal was not successful to speed up the process.

“Our apologies for any inconvenience. Due to the atmosphere and the investors’ proposition Mafikizolo won’t be coming and KCP artists won’t be coming into the country this year until further notice earlier next year,” he said.

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