Here are 8 facts you need to know about women


1). They love losing weight but they also love to eat

2) They want u to buy them sanitary pads while they never buy you protections

3)  They pretend they don’t want sex, yes without condom but the truth is they die to have it without

4) They say they don’t love you but they can’t get you out of their mind

5) In the middle of the month when you want them to pay you visit, they refuse but when the month is about elapse, they are the ones who remind you are supposed to go for your salary.

6) They always tell you to recharge their phones with airtime and you wonder who the hell they want to talk to

7) They cry when you them but they laugh when they wrong you

8) If she tells you that you are ugly, she takes it as a joke but if you tell her she is ugly, she won’t forgive you for the rest of her life.

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