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These Exclusive 5 Star Prisons With Luxurious Life Would Make You Want To Commit Crime (pictures)

A prison is a building, a place of detention, a location of confinement where people are legally held for punishment or a crime they have committed or awaiting trial.

The word brings up an image of premises that’s very dinghy, reeking with weird smells with dark corners where men are sitting aimlessly. Hearing the word prison conjures up a very disturbing image.

But what if you get to know that some of the prisons are exactly opposite of this. They are luxurious, vibrant, filled with positivity and the prisoners inside are one hell of a lucky bunch of guys compared to their counterparts around the world.

Though being confined and committing a crime is the worst tragedy to ever happen to anyone, these images of some prisons shock us as they are even more well maintained than some of your best hostel rooms around.


1. Justice Centre, Leoben, Austria.

Justice Centre, Leoben is a court and prison complex in Leoben in Styria, Austria designed by architect Joseph Hohensinn.

Here each prisoner is given a single cell with a private bathroom and kitchenette plus a television.

The weight room, basketball court and outdoor recreation area add to the list of perks and amenities.

2. Aranjuez prison, Spain.

Touted as the perfect prison for any kid who has both parents as criminals! This prison in Spain lets their inmate couples stay along with their babies who are too young to understand the harsh realities of life.

Kids sleep in fancy cribs in cells with walls adorned with Disney characters. The place is less like a prison and more like a place that focuses on positivity amongst criminal couples and help them to rehabilitate.

3. Bastoy Jail, Norway.

Criticized for being too luxurious, Bastoy jail in Norway is a minimum security prison located on an island.

The prison is seen as more of a correctional facility where the inmates are encouraged to follow their passion and pick up skills to help sustain themselves.

There are no jails or cells, but the inmates are housed in wooden cottages and prepare their dinner like Chicken or Salmon!


The prisoners are treated very well with the re-offending rate being the lowest amongst the rest of the prisons of the state to 17%

4. Sollentuna Prison, Sweden.

Sollentuna prison lets their inmates live life in a comfortable luxury.  They have access to a fully loaded gym which is better than what you can find in most hotels.

They can cook their own meals as they like and kick back and watch television in cushy living areas.

 5. Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand.


How can anyone commit a crime in the beautiful country of New Zealand?

Well, that someone will land straight into this luxurious prison! Dubbed as the ‘Milton Milton,’ a place where the prisoners can relax with amenities like underfloor heating, a handful of flat screen televisions, a modest library, a gymnasium and plenty such things that we would love.

Well, I am sure you are lured into luxury and your outlook towards prisons has changed completely.

Of course not in most countries as Malawi as you already know committing a crime in here is the same as granted a corner in hell.































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