RUSSIA’S Supreme Court has banned the Jehovah’s Witness Church describing it as an extremist organization, reports Cable News Network (CNN)

The ruling means the Jehovah’s Witness are considered more like the radical Islamic State members. Islamic State members are considered terrorists – this means the Jehovah’s Witness are now categorised as terrorists in Russia.

Lawyer Svetlana Borisova said the Jehovah’s Witness’s opposition to blood transfusion violates Russia’s Health care laws.

The Prosecution casts, it’s an extremist organisation that destroys families, society and fosters hatred and threatens life.

But Jehovah’s Witness in Russia says the description is false.

However, the Jehovah’s Witness do not participate in any voting – they say their government is in heaven and they don’t sing National anthem too.

They don’t do body viewing after someone passes on, they forbid anyone of their Church to marry a ‘non’ member.

Those who violates this are disqualified from being a member of the Church.

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