A cab driver in Boston suddenly found a lot of money in his hands, but what he did with it helped change a life for the better.

This 72-year-old has been working as a cab driver in Boston for years, but this Saturday, he picked up a very special patron and a whole lot of money.


A man with a cast on his leg got into MacCausland’s cab who said he had recently been homeless for six months.

The man got out of the cab briefly to see a friend, but after he failed to return after thirty minutes, MacCausland began to search for him to return his bag.

But once MacCausland began searching through the man’s bag for identification, he found, much to his surprise, thousands of dollars.

MacCausland immediately turned the money into the police station, where fortunately, the man was able to collect his money, apparently a recent inheritance, and give MacCausland a $100 reward for his good deed.

This hackney driver exhibited exemplary behavior and his honest deed should be recognized.























































































































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