Miss Dency is a full-figured model with gigantic boobs and hips without any apology or atom of shyness. She has refused to be body-shamed on social media where petite ladies take all the shine.

She is proudly thick, busty, classy as well as being a chronic lover of fashion and photography as specified on her Instagram page. Professionally, she is a fashion designer and the brand ambassador of ‘Oroboh’.

As seen on her social media page, she relates freely with her fellow plus-sized ladies.

The large bosom of Dency has continued to steal all the attention on social media as some ridiculous followers fantasize about seeing them exposed.

See more photos below:https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-aDFVp8kFY8Y/WTHRRfg9aSI/AAAAAAACG88/K9EwUYIOeq0KndwbT95hHk6dePYpmQ2IwCLcB/s400/9.JPG

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