Debate has ensued on the social media over the recent murder of Mirriam Siula a cashier at Victoria Forex Bureau.

Siula was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend Arthur M’dala over the weekend for unknown reason, sending shock to Malawians especially those on social media, facebook.

Writing on his official facebook page, Habiba Osman, one of the human right activist expressed shock over increasing incident of gender based violence in the country.

“Gender based violence, is in our backyards. I am so angry with this brutal murder if this young lady today. Senseless! It appears as if we are not doing enough to sensitize our young people. Where are we failing?” wrote Osman.

Concurring with Osman’s remarks, Sindisiwe Sindz Wase Kapa wrote: “Human being have become pathetic. Full of anger. Ticking bombs. Every small incident triggers rage. We seriously need help.”

On his part, Billy Mayaya, a human right activist said anger is the main driver of gender based violence in the country.

“One of the key factors driving GBV is latent anger and unresolved issues. Guidance and Counseling provide an opportunity to deal with problems. That includes problems with binge drinking etc. The underlying psychological and sociocultural need to be the key focus of addressing GBV,” wrote Mayaya.

Meanwhile police have launched a manhunt for the suspected killer.

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