By Orchestra Kamanga

Seventy Christians within Blantyre and Bvumbwe have been reverted to Islam after being convinced their beliefs of Moslems ideologies and that they is only one God (ALLAH).

Speaking during the training of 50 Muslims mentors to Christians who have joined the religion Sheikh Ahmed Chienda said that the training was aimed at empowering those who have just reverted to know the tactics on how they can solve challenges when they face fast, steady, and perseverance.

“This is the first time to discuss things and experiences with those who have just reverted to Islam and they have a chance to have mentors who should look after them,” he said.

Sheikh Chienda observed that Christians should go back to their religion (Islam) because it teaches the will of God.

“They are five pillars of Islamic which are praying five times a day, paying zakat, fasting in the month of Ramadhan, believing in one God and Pilgrimage (journey to mecca).

Global Outreach Manager, Salahuddin Patel said his Organization aimed at training people in across the World in various projects which include educational and research programs and training and they are in more 110 countries across the world.

The training was organized and sponsored by Islamic Educational and Research Academy (I. E. R. A) based in United Kingdom.

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