The Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST) has withdrawn a newly prescribed Chichewa Literature Book “Kusintha Maganizo ndi Nkhani Zina” due to one of It’s Stories titled ‘Mdalitso Wa Bodza’ Which is religiously insensitive especially to Roman Catholic church.

This has been disclosed in a letter signed by MoEST Secretary General dated December 5, 2017 addressed to all Education Division Managers.

“The Ministry of Education Science and Technology wishes to inform all Secondary Schools, teachers and stakeholders that it has withdrawn a prescribed Malawi Schools Certificate of Education Chichewa Literature Book titled Kusintha Maganizo ndi Nkhani zina by MAWU from the prescribed examinable text.

“The book has been withdrawn because it contains a story titled ‘Mdalitso Wabodza’ which is immoral in nature and it portrays a damaging image to the Catholic Church.The Ministry of Education Science and Technology views the story as being insensitive to the Catholic Church and therefore not appreciate for study purposes at national curriculum level,” reads the letter in part.

Added the letter: “All heads of schools, teachers, principals of colleges and proprietors of educational institutions are advised to comply with the instruction.”

Meanwhile the Ministry has said it will replace the book with another one soon.

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