Police in Neno have intensified impounding motorcycles that are unregistered as one way of reducing accidents and other traffic offences during the festive period.

Neno Police Public Relations Officer, Raphael Kaliati said they have launched the campaign as a response to the increase of reports in hit-and-run accidents involving unregistered motorcycles.

According to Kaliati, police officers on Tuesday alone impounded 43 unregistered motorcycles operating as taxis in the district.

He said apart from not being registered most of these motorcycles were not roadworthy, not insured and their riders operate without licence hence the increase in the number of accidents involving motorcycles due to incompetence.

“We want to have a crime free district this coming festive period and this campaign will reduce the incidents,” said Kaliati.

In Neno motorcycle taxis have emerged as the most reliable mode of transport to many people due to poor roads and many areas are hard to reach with vehicles especially this rainy season.

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