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Sat, 18 May 2024 14:00:00 UTC @ Robin's Park - Madness Entertaiment Presents Blantyre City Heist on 18th May 2024. The event will take place ar Robin's Park in Blantyre and Charisma is the main act. There will be also other performi... More Info
Saturday Night Live With Driemo

Sat, 18 May 2024 20:00:00 UTC @ Mibawa Multipurpose Hall - Mibawa Tv and WSBET presents "Saturday night live with Driemo" on 18th May 2024 at Mibawa Multipurpose Hall in Blantyre. The event will have music performances by Driemo along side The... More Info

6 Ways to be the Type of Man Your Woman Find Desirable

Do you want to be a desirable man? Have you ever sat to think what your woman expects of you? What separates the ideal man from the wrong one?

There are loads of men out there, with a few to be liked. If you are seeking answers to the above questions, and want to be the kind of man a woman wants for a longer period, you need to read this post.

Here are some traits women consider desirable in their man.


Oftentimes, people think that only men are attracted by looks — well, women do too. Looks are important because it’s what the eyes see. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because you’re now dating or married to that woman, you can afford to look ragged and unappealing. It can cause her attention to fade away. Looks are not everything, but they are important. Stay looking classy and attractive for your partner, and watch her stay happy in that relationship. She’d even be happier to show you off.


Women take pride in knowing that they have a man that can withstand and survive any type of temptation. A woman’s biggest joy comes from knowing that her man isn’t the type to flirt with her friends and other women. A man who flirts and sleeps around hurts his woman’s pride.

When it’s time to take important decisions, ask for her input. Carry her along. Share your insecurities and fears.


Months and years after the relationship starts, most men put their job and friends above their marriage or woman. That is not fair. You do not claim to love someone, yet they play second fiddle. Your woman has to be priority because she is indeed priority. Spend your rarest moments with her. Buy her gifts, etc.


Your woman is not a mind reader, neither are you. Do not keep emotions and issues bottled up within. If there is an issue, discuss it. If she offends you or you are unhappy about something, bring it to her attention. The solution is to communicate effectively without getting upset and frustrated.


A woman that is sexually satisfied is psychologically balanced, happier and has a higher productivity rate. Try out new styles, let there be variety in your sex life. Try different places; the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room. Even if you have people staying with you, you can take advantage of when they are not around. Give her early morning doses before she goes to work or business, that way, you would’ve made her day! A woman that is sexually satisfied is a happy one.


The essence of dating is to complement each other. You have something you are great at, and she has something she’s good at. The two of you together should be unstoppable. She may be a poor finance manager, while you’re good at it. And you may be poor at cooking while she’s good at it. Whatever her weaknesses are, help improve on it, that’s the point.


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