Zodwa Wabantu is out to prove that no matter what judgements are hurled her way, she’s still making boss moves with her guap.

Zodwa has hogged headlines for over a year for her revealing outfits but told TshisaLIVE her haters were running out of ammo because now that she is showing them the fruits of her labour, they can’t hate.

“When Zodwa Wabantu is dry and can’t be Zodwa Wabantu anymore, I will have a house, maybe two, and a car in my name. That is the bigger picture, I own everything I have, my things don’t belong to the bank, like some people.”

And just to prove that she’s winning this life things, Zodwa posted a picture of her new house on Instagram this week.

“Do you know what is the best thing about my house? I built it from scratch, I own it. I don’t owe the bank or anyone. That house is in my name. It makes me so happy because I now have a home, my home and it’s something I was always told I’d never have.”

The three-bedroom house is in Nelspruit, a place that Zodwa says she will live out the rest of her life when she’s done securing the bag. It has two garages, a living room, a dining room, two bathrooms and a kitchen.

“I choose to build in Nelspruit because that is where I see myself when I am old and grey, plus my aunt is there and will look after my house when I am not there. She’s a woman that is close to my heart too.”

Zodwa also said the house has been done for a while now but she just shared the picture to motivate other people. She said for her the most important things was not the size of the house or how much it cost, but the fact that even if she couldn’t be Zodwa Wabantu anymore, she would never be destitute.

“If you grew up like I did, then you will understand how amazing it feels to have a home. I never had one, from the time my mom died, when I was 11. I stayed in other people’s houses but I never really had a home.”

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