After nine years of going through a turbulent musical career, Eugene Kumbukani, whose known as (aka) Kumbu in the entertainment circles has decided to turn to comedy.

Kumbu who became famous with his hit single ‘Wakwiya ndi Mfiti’ in 2012, has had a bumpy ride in his musical career following a series of unsuccessful singles the latest being ‘Pa charger.’

The Artist who is now trending as Chekumbu said in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Friday in Blantyre that he is not quitting music but rather expanding his career.

“This doesn’t mean am quitting music. I will even work harder on my music, much as I will do on my comedy,” Kumbu said.

He added that, “I believe this makes me a complete artist. I am always thinking of material and some of my followers may have noticed that even my music these days is having a comic feel to it.”

Kumbu said he was motivated into comedy by his dad who had every recording of Izeki and Jakobo comedies.

“I would memorize them all and tell the jokes to my friends and I enjoyed doing it. Besides, I did a bit of acting during my primary school years,” he said.

“In fact, my friends have been encouraging to try and become a stand-up comedian or write my own material for stage and stuff but I never took it seriously,” Kumbu added.

The ‘Jack’ star said he would like to use comedy as a platform to put across real life situations facing Malawians,” Kumbu noted adding that, “My intention is to post jokes that will speak of Malawian situations, be it good or bad.”

Jack which is being shot and produced by Denzel Lewanika is a romantic comedy which will be released in series and will depict a story of unfaithful wife who mistakenly calls her husband Jack instead of Brizzo which happens to be the real name of her partner.

The Comedy which was expected to have its first episode released on Monday hit a snag after one of the actors fell sick forcing it to be shifted to Wednesday, October 24, 2018 and it will be available on YouTube.

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