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Chisi’s daughter says she started politics to serve the under privileged

By: Robert Kumwenda

Daughter to Umodzi Party (UP) President Professor John Chisi,  Towela has said she started politics mainly to serve the under privileged because she was not happy with the quality of life which many people are living in Malawi.

She said she was privileged because she grew up in a very privileged family and many people were approaching her for help about the problems they were facing and she decided that something needs to be done.

“I was making friends with ordinary people surrounding the community l live and they were telling me lots of stories about the challenges they were going through  that drive me to join forces with my father who is very political influential,” she said

She said the country needs someone with strong and a clear vision saying that she sees her entire life being in politics to implement the vision of UP.

Chisi’s dauther says she is not hurry be rushing for positions because she want to grow up and have a family first saying that she may stand as a Member of Parliament in maybe in  2029.

She said she worked with someone in social projects in Germany because she studied textile and design saying that the whole idea was to start to make textile factory here in Malawi.

“When l was younger l wrote an art revolution the whole concept of it was to make people work together because there is too much tribalism and individualism here in Malawi than the way it is in Germany,” she said.

She said people do not understand what democracy  is all about  and what it means saying many people do not have interest of to look at what political parties that we have to offer and they do not involve themselves in politics.

“Politics here is quite abusive because people expect things from politicians to buy their votes and it is very difficult to cope up with the pressure, in Germany the state support political parties during campaign,” she said.

She urges the youth to be more involved in politics because is something they cannot run away from because rules and regulations that are set up in the community is politics as well.

We are a bit of a generation that has more education opportunities than other generations, this our country and we have to take the mantle what the last generation has left.

“We must voice out our needs and come together so that we can capitalize in each other’s talents and we draw closer elections am urging fellow youth to vote for someone who is trust worthy, take responsibility and understands problems that Malawians are facing,” she said.

She further said that the person must be educated and exposed to international community because will represent the country internationally  and focus as well as take task that is in front of them.  

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Robert Ngwira
Robert Ngwira
Attended Our Future Private Secondary School in Rumphi from 2006-2009 Holder of Diploma in Journalism from Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) Hobbies, reading newspapers, going out with friends, listening to radio and watching football. Email: info@faceofmalawi.com


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