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Chiumia Says She Lost K18 million Property during Demos

Former Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development minister, Grace Chiumia, has claimed that she lost property worth K80 million when protesters looted her house in Mchengautuba, Mzuzu City, on Friday.

According to Chiumia, two vehicles were torched, other two were damaged including a house.

However, police have not corroborated Chiumia’s assessment of the damage.

Chiumia said part of the house was being used as an office for an American organisation, Malawi Early Literacy Team (Melt).

She said Melt, which is implementing projects in the country, used part of the house as a library for children and primary school teachers and has since lost all books and three computers.

“They have stolen all the property. They have broken all the windows, toilets, office furniture and now they continue fighting me. What wrong have I committed? Is it a crime to be Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)” she said.

Chiumia complained as she do not know why she is the target, claiming that she plays clean politics.

“I don’t know why I was targeted. I play my politics clean and I normally concentrate on my constituency. I can’t understand why me,” Chiumia said.

She said some protesters are still baying for her life as she is receiving threats.

On Sunday, Northern Region Police announced that they had arrested 68 suspects in connection with the looting and vandalism of property during the recent demonstrations.

However, Human Rights Defenders Coalition Northern Region Coordinator, Happy Mhango, disowned the Friday demonstrations.

Mhango said those who looted and caused violence had ill intentions and were advancing their own agenda.

Other affected infrastructure included treasury cashier’s office, Parks and Wildlife Department, Chibavi Police Unit and Karonga District Commissioner’s Office.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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