18-year old church worker has been arrested in Nigeria for sneaking into Divine Chosen Vine Church, breaking the seed offering box and carting away all the money inside.

The theft was discovered next Monday morning that the offering box had been tampered with

After the matter was reported to police, the officers moved into action and arrested the culprit Ehud while his accomplice, Lucky, escaped and is still at large.

The suspect, Ehud, confessed to the Police and explained that the thought to steal the money came to him when the Church organized special prayer and he was in the prayer camp for five days before they carried out the operation.

After we stole the money, we lodged in a hotel and I used part of the money to buy a phone, clothes and other needs before I escaped to River State,” he revealed.

However, Ehud said that the money was not up to N1.5m as claimed by the Church because he got his share of N370,000, while Lucky got N300,000.

He said the money was squandered at the hotel where they lodged.

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