Man Caught in Sexual Affair with his Wife’s Brother’s Wife for Over 20 Years


A Reddit user has come out in the open seeking for help as she just found out that her father has been dating her aunt (A wife to her mother’s brother) for over 20 years.

Sharing the heartbreaking story, the user said it was her cousins who found out first and poured the bad news to her.

Shading more light on the relationship the two families share, the user said they have been close as they even share holidays together.

The long kept secret of two love cheaters was revealed when a child to the aunt accidentally opened her mother’s Facebook on her computer and the conversation of the two was the first to pop up.

Read the full story below…

“I don’t even know how to explain it, but basically my father (towards whom I didn’t have any positive feelings even prior to that) apparently has been having affair with my godmother, that is a wife of my mother’s brother. We are very close with my cousins and we’ve been celebrating each holiday solely with them.

Yesterday, one of my cousins accidentally opened my aunts Facebook on her computer and their conversation was the first to pop up. She immediately called me and as I was the collected one (I honestly thought she was joking as it was so unbelievable for me) I told her to take as much photos of the conversation as she could and not to hang up. Then she impulsively called my aunt to confront her and the aunt had the audacity to immediately delete the entire thing as they were talking, while obviously explaining that is was just a joke.

I got the first train I could and came over to my cousins house and the rest of the day was just us reading the copies (my cousin was so furious she printed it all out) of those god awful se_xting and letting the rest of our cousins (we’re all adults so don’t worry) know what we found out.

We decided to give my aunt a week to confess (which she’s not going to do) and then we will show the copies first to my uncle and then my mum.

Honestly, what the fuck do I do? The fact that my father is capable of this did not surprise me, but I know it was heartbreaking for my cousins as they’re close with their mom (and I am as well) and I cannot even imagine how my mum would react.

I know she would have to make the decision on her own, but as I have a 9-year-old sister and after 18 years I know my mom quite well I think she won’t let anyone know how hurt she is and remain in the marriage for the sake of my sister.

I’m just so confused and probably still in denial as the last two days have been like some bad dream to me- especially because I’ve already been through so much different shit and trauma and I’m not even 20.

So, once again, how can I survive this week without losing my mind from overthinking it? I know that the next Friday is probably going to change everything forever”

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