Villagers living around Chambu Primary School in Lilongwe continues to benefit from the cordial partnering of Temwa Chilenga, a primary school teacher and Teachers from United States of America with the latest being the drilling of 8 water wells.

Two of the eight water wells have been drilled at Chambu Primary School where over 1000 learners are benefiting from it thereby reducing waters woes and other waterborne diseases that the kids were exposed to.

The other six have been dried in the villagers around the school where over 3000 people are benefiting from it.

The water wells have greatly improved the lives of people as the risk of waterborne diseases has reduced in the area. Previously the villagers were at high risk of contracting waterborne diseases such as Cholera and other diseases due to unsafe water they were drinking.

Speaking in an interview with Faceofmalawi reporter Chilenga hailed the teachers from United States of America and some well-wishers for making her dream come true.

“I just feel excited because this was just a dream and it has finally come true. People can survive for some days without food but they can’t survive without water,” said Chilenga.

She then urged the villages to use the water wells properly.

“My plea to the communities is they should take good care of the wells because other people in some areas are still dreaming about the wells,” she added.
Chilenga has also appealed to well-wishers in the country to come forward and assist some needy Children especially orphans this coming festive season.

“Most of the Children on Christmas wish to eat three meals a day, some will need shoes and others will need new clothes. For this to come to a reality there is need for some well-wishers in the country to come forward,” said Chilenga.

Recently the American teachers donated over 150 water filters of which 66 water filters have already been distributed to over 50 families around Chambu Primary School.

Apart from the water filters, Temwa’s friends also donated hen houses to 10 families affected by hunger around the school.

The USA donors have also been supporting learners at the school by providing them with textbooks, school uniforms, clothes, shoes, blankets, school bags and food.

The support has reduced the dropout rate at the school with many learners opting to remain in school than before.

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