Court allows Chakwera’s witness to use gadgets


The constitutional court in Lilongwe has thrown out the application by Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale for the court to vary the order allowing Malawi Congress Party witness, Daudi Suleman, to use gadgets and systems server during his cross examination.

Reading the determination, Justice Redson Kapindu said much as Malawi Electoral Commission has raised issues of security, such issue was already looked at in its order during the hearing of Suleman’s application in September.

The court said Mec must bring all necessary gadgets and materials as requested by Suleman and that it has confidence in Mec’s IT personnel that it is capable to adjust the system security.

Kapindu said regardless of costs that such exercise may incur at the expense of the server, Malawians have a right to understand what happend when the system was active on the polling day and during transmission of results.

“The system belongs to people and it is also very crucial to them because it facilitated determination of the their elected leaders.,” he said.

Meanwhile the case is continuing this morning.

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