A 33-year-old man has given his 28-year-old girlfriend of 5-years a very small ring and told her he will marry her when it actually fits her.

Lucia who is 150kgs said she had been fat all her life and she had never tried to lose weight all her life.

“What happened is David proposed to me with this beautiful ring, I said yes and when he tried to put it on my finger it could not even reach the first joint, he is a very patient person and we tried to grease it so it could fit but it did not.”

According to Lucia her “Boo” gave up and told her they will redo the moment when she had lost enough weight for the ring to fit. She said she is now wondering if it was his way of telling her to lose weight or he is trying to leave her.

“He said girl you better start Banting and go to the gym like never before if you want this ring, I suggested he exchange it for the one that feet me he refused”

“All my family is fat I don’t know what I am gonna do because I had never seen a skinny person in my family, but I want this ring. I want to know if there is a plastic surgeon who can do liposuction on my ring finger.”


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