By Orchestra Kamanga

Founder and Managing Director for General Vision Screen Printers (GVSP) which is opposite Motel Paradise Comrade Dr Feston Kaphanya has said no-one can protect people from contracting the Corona Virus apart from God.

Speaking in an interview, Comrade Kaphanya said people cannot do anything to protect from infecting the disease but God only.

He quoted Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte who said “We lost control, can’t understand and what more we can do, our solution are exhausted on ground, our hope remain up in the sky, God rescue your people.”

Commenting on government suspending the re-opening of schools in the country, Kaphanya said it is not proper to re-open schools because that can assist to further spread of the pandemic which so far has devastated economy globally .

“School closure can affect education standards its true but which is better to put risk to our children’s life than protect them from getting the pandemic,” he said.

Kaphanya further said it is important not to re-open schools until Covid -19 calm down.

But he observed that despite that the students and pupils are not going to school they still gather in groups which also put lives at risky.

GVSP which is opposite Motel paradise along  Zalewa road in Malawi’s commercial city, Blantyre prints: Golf-Shirts, Caps, Umbrellas, Work suits, Bags, Rain courts, Neck Ties, T-Shirts jus to mention but a few.


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