A young Nigerian girl has been brutally killed in cold-blood moments after she was spotted dancing and the to Naira
Marley’s hit song “Puta”.

According to the video footage, a man was captured, leaning on the lady’s butt while she danced at the bar.

A second footage captured the lady sprawled on the ground, lifeless, in her own pool of blood.

She still had the same clothes on, and was killed in broad daylight, as a voice was heard at the background, “saying we are not ready to take any shit this time around, this is how we are going to deal with anybody who mess with us”. While, someone else could be seen pulling the deceased girl’s hair.

The video footage has sparked outrage on social media, as people are wondering why anyone would carry out such a wicked act on a lady that wasn’t married.

Some have alleged that the murder was carried out by Cultists, considering how brutal and careless it was.

See video;


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