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African Musician Scams White Lady Of All Her Money After Marrying Her

A Ghanaian music star has been exposed for defrauding a white woman of all her money in the name of marriage.

Rodney Cudjoe and Beth Hainling, 68 from the UK, met on social media. Rodney took his time wooing the old and lonely 68-year-old and managed to convince her he was in love with her.

“I was a bit lonely as my sister Gaynor had died a couple of years earlier and my mum had been diagnosed with dementia. But Rodney was very friendly and chatty. We got on well,” she told UK tabloid the Mirror.

“I thought we were friends, but he started saying I had nice hair and he couldn’t wait to touch it,”

After carrying out his master plan in convincing the old lady he was in love with her, Rodney started asking her for money as scammers generally do.

“I liked him and after a few months he asked if he could borrow some money as he was waiting for a cheque. It was just £200 so I did, and he promised to pay me back. Then he needed some money for some studio equipment and I sent him another £2,000. We began talking about meeting up. I’d been to Ghana before as I’d worked as a volunteer at orphanages over there. He asked me to visit him.

“He picked me up and gave me a full-on kiss in the car which gave me butterflies. I realised then we weren’t just going to be friends and that night we had s*x. It was a magical time. We spent all our time together, eating out, drinking, meeting his friends. He always had his arm around me and was kissing me.”

Beth says during her time in Ghana, Rodney pressured her to get married to him.

“He said he wanted to spend his life with me and had arranged a surprise wedding for five days later, the day before I was to fly home. All his friends were clapping and cheering. I didn’t feel I could say no. I loved him but I thought it was too soon.”

She agreed and married him even though her kids were against her decision.

After the marriage, she flew Rodney back to the U.K with her which is when he started behaving horribly towards her and her kids.

“He would argue about everything – the food, the cold and having to find work in a packing factory.

“He said, ‘How can you be broke when you’re British?’ He thought this was the land of milk and honey.

“My children and friends didn’t like him. I thought it was a culture shock and he’d adapt. Eventually I realised it was all a lie.”

Beth later called it quits with him and realized she had been scammed as she had spent almost £18,000.

She said she always thought old ladies who got duped like that were not smart but she’s now realized it can happen to anyone.

“I keep asking myself how could I have been so stupid as to be taken in by him. I thought it could never happen to me, but I fell for it all.”

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